Visual International Transliteration, Hebrew

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This Visual International Transliteration (VIT) implementation for Hebrew represents the modern Hebrew writing system, without punctuation (diacritical) marks. Each Hebrew letter is represented by a unique VIT symbol -- a combination of one (monograph) or two (digraph) Latin letters, regardless of their case. The second letter in digraphs is usually an H, but sometimes it is a J. Hebrew letters that change their shape when they are at the end of a word (sophiot) map to the same VIT symbols but the system uses correct shape for them. Additional VIT symbols are optional and may be used, whenever necessary, to reflect pronunciation of names and foreign words (loazit). They correspond to the base letters with diacritical marks in original Hebrew text. Letters that are not used currently (E I O U W) may be employed in future VIT implementation of Hebrew with punctuation marks and Biblical style Hebrew.
To learn more about general VIT principles, see VIT Introduction.

Hebrew letter Name in
Illustration Additional
alef ALEF A alpha . .
bet BET B boy BH visit
gimel GIMEL G girl GH gentleman
dalet DALET D date . .
he HE X head . .
vav VAV V visit . .
zayin ZAYIN Z zebra ZH zhenya,
het HET KH chanukah . .
tet TET TH town . .
yod YOD Y yard . .
kaf KAF K key KJ chanukah
lamed LAMED L light . .
mem MEM M moon . .
nun NUN N never . .
samekh SAMEKH S sun . .
ayin AYIN AH alpha . .
pe PE P pen F finger
tsadi TZADI C tze-tze fly CH change
qof QOF Q queue, key . .
resh RESH R root . .
shin SHIN SH shalom SJ sin, sun
tav TAV T town . .


VITHEB                English translation
AYK ZX NYRAX LK ?     How does it look to you ?
Using VITHEB, now you can easily name your domain in Hebrew, i.e. SHLVM-AHLYKM.COM or even AYK-ZX-NYRAX-LK.COM if you badly want something really original and fancy ! Smiley


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